TR2013-620/620 – LED OT Light


●Unique trans-electricity design makes our operating of lamps safe and easy to manipulate;
●Ceiling type Operation Light with LED(Light emitting Diode)lamps
●Shadowless systems with cool light illumination;
●The double head lamp is equipped with LED bulb that have over 80,000 hours effective working life;
And extremely save the hospitals maintenance cost
●Can choose 5 step of color temperature from 3900k to 5000K to meet multiple operation needs;
●The dimmer system utilizes the advanced inglechip technology which allows for easy manipulation to meet the user’s needs for illumination;
●The streamline lamp is designed according to the dynamics of its atmosphere to provide a sterile operating environment;
●With one main light and one satellite light;
●Equipped with touch screen control panel in two lights head;
●The light output has been optimized at 4,500K to ensure color clarity of surgical light;
●At center of the light head, there is Sterilized handle;
●Independent height adjustable by the handle
●Both the light arms to be rotated in all direction


Illumination main light≥180000Lux
Satellite light≥180000Lux
Color temperature: 3900-5000k in 5 steps for both light
Spot diameter:160~350mm for both light
Illumination Depth: ≥120cm for both light
Temperature at surgeon’s head: 0.5 ℃ for both light
Color indication index(Ra):≥97% for both light
LED Lamp life:≥80000h for both light
Power Supply: 220VAC, 50Hz
Height of installation: 2600mm

Standard Configuration:

Lamp head :  2pcs
Light balance arm  :  2pcs
Rotary rod  :  1pc
Base  :  1pc
Cover  :  10pcs
Sterilized Handle  :  2pcs
Fixing bard for installation  :  1pc
Fuse  :  4pcs
Operation manual  :  1pc