MEVD – Anesthesia Machine

A feature of the Multiplus MEVD is its low cost and the possibility of use for both adult patients and newborns.

The compactness and mobility of the Multiplus MEVD ensure its widespread use in the clinic.

Multiplus MEVD has convenient controls and a high level of security:

• Stopping the supply of N2O in the event of a stopping supply of O2,
• When the pressure of the supplied O2 drops below 2.5 bar for 7 seconds, an audible signal sounds
• Control of oxygen concentration in the feed gas, which should not be less than 25%.

The ventilator can be used for ventilation of patients of any age.

Ventilation modes: controlled ventilation by volume and time
Tidal volume: adults – up to 1500 ml, newborns – 0-300 ml.
The respiratory rate is 5-80 breaths per minute.
The ratio of input / exhalation 1: 1-1: 3
80 cm H2O safety valve
Setting limits for high and low pressure alarms.

Visual and audible alarms:
• Apnea.
• High and low airway pressure.
• Low battery.

Digital indication of the following parameters:
• Breathing rate.
• Inlet / expiratory ratio.
• Peak, upper and lower pressure limits.
• Inspiration and expiration volumes (option).