Electrosurgical Unit


The DRE Citadel 180 is an excellent solution for veterinary facilities seeking a full-featured electrosurgery generator at an economical price point. With a variety of cut and coagulation settings, the Citadel 180 is easily-programmable for almost any procedure. Self-diagnostic protocols help to facilitate a safe and sterile environment.The DRE Citadel 180 is available with an optional safety timeout function, argon beam coagulation, a smoke evacuator and a suction irrigation module — ask your DRE representative for details.


  • Stable, 180-watt power supply over a wide range of tissue with innovative tissue feedback technology.
  • Patient return electrode monitoring for increased safety during every procedure.
  • Various cut and coagulation settings enhance the unit’s versatility and efficiency.
  • Spray coagulation function provides homogenous, efficient coagulation over a large area.
  • Self-diagnostic protocols help to ensure all parts and accessories are functioning properly.
  • Easily-programmable for quick and simple setup.
  • Monopolar and bipolar capable with the appropriate accessories.
  • Durable, water-proof foot pedals.
  • Optional — Remote power settings allow clinicians to adjust mode and power from the sterile area.
  • Optional — Timeout function automatically stops the HF output in the event of unintended activation.
  • Optional — Argon beam coagulation, ultrasonic aspirator, smoke evacuator, suction irrigation module.