DRE SLS 9000 Mobile OT Light

The New SLS 9000 Portable LED light is energy saving and eco-friendly, with an ultra-long service life, up to 30,000 to 50,000 hours. The CAD designed multi-LED-lighting-beam produces lighting depth more than 55in., with up to 90,000 lux of central illumination. New alloy construction and a simple suspension system is easy to control and to be positioned accurately. This easily adjustable light system is suitable for pendant, wall-mounted and floor-standing lamps, meeting requirements of multiple operating rooms.


OSRAM led bulbs

Adjustable focusing

Diameter (in): 20

Illumination (Lx):=90,000

Color Temp (K): 3500-5000

Color Rendering Index (%): =93

Diameter of light spot (in): 5-14

LED power (W): 55

Illumination Depth (in): 28-59

LED service life (H): 50,000