Anesthesia Machine

Common Features
•Classic electropneumatic ventilator, widely apply for adults, children and infants
• 8″ color LCD screen with cantilever type;
• High-precision five-tube flowmeters; nitrous oxide-oxygen anesthesia to ensure that the oxygen concentration is not less than 25%;
• With oxygen deficiency-no nitrous oxide supply fuction;
• For low -flow and micro-flow anesthesia need;
• Sophisticated monitoring of anesthesia respiratory parameters and alarm functions;
• Humanized interface, clearly shows the working state of the anesthesia machine, with a more comfortable operation feeling and visual sense;
•Electrical PEEP; dynamic TV compensation;
• Advanced gas-electric isolation system eliminates the oxygen enrichment;
• With standard large-capacity maintenance-free battery, the machine can work continuously for not less than 8 hours.
• Modular design reduces potential leaks, misconnections and detachments of tube;
• Classic rising bellows can monitor the patient’s breathing and detect leakproofness of circuit;
• Large- capacity CO2 absorption system;
• AGSS (optional) can effectively control pollution of anesthetic waste gas, clean surgical room, care for health of medical staff.