X Twin – Fully Digital X-ray System

The X Twin system is intended to be installed with floor mounted components only. It enables space-
saving installations without the need of any ceiling component. With the use of one embedded full size 17“x17“ digital flat panel detector (DR) only, all common projection techniques of a conventional system with bucky table and wall stand are available. The positioning of the tube and the detector is motor-driven and has an autotracking control. The (injured) patient can be examined in all (lying) positions without rearrangement on the table.

  • Multifunctional Digital Radiography System (DR X-ray System) for routine skeletal, body and chest x-ray examinations
  • Automated system positioning system (APS) controlled by organ program routines (APR)
  • Motorized movement of tube and detector with auto centering function (ACF)
  • Vertical and angel dependend autotracking (ATF)
  • Color coding for all directions of manual movements
  • Single sided mobile patient table with motorized height adjustment and floating table top
  • Thermal Safety Switch for tube housing temperature
  • Galvanic network separation